The Great Popcorn Debacle Part II: The Laundry Room


I couldn’t live with the demon anymore, something had to give. Our laundry room was sort of an awkward hallway with machines on one side, coat racks on the other and random junk stacked everywhere. It was a good place to try out a ceiling idea because of its small size and I could redo the whole, dysfunctional and hideous room at the same time. Pinterest is full of great shiplap and faux shiplap ideas. Plywood strips hung as faux shiplap is an easy and inexpensive solution. I won’t bore you by re-creating the wheel with step-by-step DIY instructions, just show you the outcome.

We have a table saw, so ripping plywood into six or eight inch strips isn’t a big deal. Well, except for the part where, without a serious saw, 8’ strips out of a plywood sheet are going to have some inconsistencies.
That goes to one of those marriage-making, (or dissolving) high-volume conversations about how to guide 32 square feet of material by a saw blade in an exactly straight line together. It’s probably not a job for newly-weds! Be forewarned…
If your marriage survives but your cuts are slightly off, don’t panic. We found that the little flaws increased the gap between boards and lent more charm to the appearance.
Our laundry room is now one of my favorite rooms in the house (yes, I realize there is something inherently indicative of mental instability in that remark) and one of the cheapest and easiest projects we ever did. Bottom line, 3 sheets of cheap plywood and a gallon of paint and we went from “please don’t look there” to this.