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    “Come, listen, my men, while I tell you again    The five unmistakable marks By which you may know, wheresoever you go,    The warranted genuine Snarks. -Lewis Carroll The Hunting of the Snark The Daily Snark is not so much a call to action, or even necessarily a statement of my political opinion. It is meant to be a rebuttal to the typical binary political arguments lead by a disingenuous mainstream media through the application of rural logic. While I do not wholeheartedly prescribe to any particular conspiracy theory, I do embrace the concept that when a body of people hold a belief to be true, they behave according to the…

  • Musings and Misadventures

    The Beautiful Country: Part I

    There was once a free and beautiful land. The people were led by a benevolent king who did as the people suggested.  The people worked hard. They grew magnificent crops and built huge buildings and clever machines. They worshipped a god of love and loved one another. They worked together and they played together and they worshipped together. They believed in being dutiful to their god and their country and their family. They thought of honor, and they thought of country. Evil began to rise in far off lands and the beautiful country sent its army and navy to protect the world. A young man sailed with the navy. The…

  • BroomTales

    The Serial Prankster

    Have you ever had one of those friends that is a serial prankster? You love them but sometimes you just wonder if you really want to be friends with them because constantly watching out for Whoopy Cushions and laxative-laced food is exhausting.  I have a horse like that. I love Stormy Jo Mero beyond description. She is my best friend in a way a human can’t be. We know each other’s minds and bodies better than a pair of lovers. We can step up to do battle like a single formidable creature. She is me and I am her. My heartaches are cried out on her mane and I skirt her…

  • Notes From The Tailgate


    Boy, the self-adulation sure gets rolling on the old Facebook machine on Monday mornings, doesn’t it? Every barrel racer in Texas wants to share her weekend. How that news is shared says a lot about the person. Some posts are humble and grateful, some are anything but. I remember my grandfather telling me, “Don’t toot your own horn, cowgirl.” I must have been about six years old and I probably have remembered it all these years because my little-girl mind took it quite literally. I looked down at my saddle horn thinking “I didn’t know it did that. I wonder how you make it work? Do you squeeze it or…

  • Musings and Misadventures

    Flattery or Theft?

    Social media is a funny critter. It has the diurnal activities that are for public consumption and the more nocturnal texts and private-message side conversations that are hidden in the dark of the internet.  This week I saw a blatant case of plagiarism among my barrel racing circles on social media, growled at it and decided to ignore it, chalking it up to a weak character trait of the plagiarist. Then  my inbox got flooded with some of those nocturnal communications-four different friends had decided I was the person to address the question of plagiarism-probably because they know I hate that particular type of theft. Ugggh! Why am I always…

  • Musings and Misadventures

    To Cowboy or Not to Cowboy?

    I love words. Big ones. Little ones. Slang ones. Ones that are so seeped in regional dialect they don’t even have the same sound as their original version.  I love how nuanced a word can be depending on context, inflection and tradition.  Mija is a fine word if you live along the Rio Grande in Texas. It isn’t even actually a word, but a combination of the Spanish words mi hija (my daughter). It packs a big wallop. If someone calls you that (or the male version, mijo), you are very special to them; inside their circle of protection. It is a very tender word used from older folks to…

  • Barrelhorse Bobbles

    Winning and the Pearls of Success

    Nearly thirty years ago, I sat on a bucket in a barn aisle. The barn belonged to a third generation polo family with plenty of experience in the sport and the pockets to support serious competition. The company was  a US Open team that consisted of some of the sagest American horsemen of their time, myself and a few of my age-mates (all of us hanging on their every word). The topic was what it takes to walk your way up to the top in the King of Sports. They discussed the mechanics of developing skills and horses and they finally came to the prerequisites to reaching the top of…

  • Musings and Misadventures

    Burning Daylight

    I guess the work is never caught up on any farm or ranch. I get up every morning and start literally running from one job to the next, terrified of falling even further behind on my chore list until eventually by evening I tire and weaken, throw up my hands in the air and go in search of a glass of wine. First thing in the morning though, the pressure gauge is running way over in the WARNING range. I swear, I’m turning into my father. I didn’t quite grasp as a kid why Daddy was constantly running around saying “Come on! We are burning daylight!” Ok. I get it,…

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    Is Conservative Talk Show Host Laura Ingraham Friendly With Radical Group, PETA? (via thecavalrygroup.blogspot.com)

    Check out The Calvary Group and this piece they recently published revealing sinister agendas behind innocuous policies. Those of us who love life with our animals need to be ever-vigilant against these organizations whose ultimate goals are to eliminate animals from our society. If you are not read in on their agenda, it is very easy to fall prey to their adept use of furry dog and cat stories as camouflage, as Ingraham apparently did-and she is one sharp cookie! The popular conservative political radio and television talk show host, Laura Ingraham, has been a  force for the conservative mov… Source: http://thecavalrygroup.blogspot.com/2018/03/conservative-talk-show-host-laura.html

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    Virginia Farmer Who Secured Property Rights Legislation Named Executive VP Of Reagan PAC (via The Daily Caller)

    After challenging the power and influence of well-funded green activists in Virginia, Martha Boneta has been named executive vice president of Citizens for the Republic, a grassroots conservative grou Source: http://dailycaller.com/2017/05/19/virginia-farmer-who-secured-property-rights-legislation-named-executive-vp-of-reagan-pac/

  • Backroads

    The Glory Before the Heat…

    It never stopped raining, but it never rained. The specter of droughts past never leaves you. Blowing dust, hollow-eyed cattle and the fear and uncertainty of watching an unyielding hot and hazy sky day after day looms in your mind just on the other side of every rain cloud. This winter never could make its mind up. It brought day after day of cold damp days. The kind of damp that melts the flesh off shivering livestock, but doesn’t replace it by growing any nourishing winter feed. Early freezes burned off the remaining summer grazing before Thanksgiving and no moisture followed it to spark off wild rye or anyone’s winter…

  • The Daily Snark

    Guns, Dogs and Karl Marx

    The past weeks have seemed so vitriolic. The endless gun control debate in the aftermath of the Margarie Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Florida, internecine squabbling in primary races, the pending SCOTUS hearing of Janus v. AFSCME and it’s potential outcome for both the First Amendment and the mid-term elections, the national news has spilled over on to social media and personal conversations and left me feeling that some unseen force is pulling ever more insistently at the fabric of our nation. I felt pretty sure that subversive element was Marxism, but to better understand that influence on our country, I decided a little research was in order. I started…

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    Paying the price for breakdown of the country’s bourgeois culture – Philly (via Philly.com)

    These basic cultural precepts could be followed by people of all backgrounds and abilities, especially when backed up by almost universal endorsement. Adherence was a major contributor to the productivity, educational gains, and social coherence of that period. Source: http://www.philly.com/philly/opinion/commentary/paying-the-price-for-breakdown-of-the-countrys-bourgeois-culture-20170809.html