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Guns, Dogs and Karl Marx

The past weeks have seemed so vitriolic. The endless gun control debate in the aftermath of the Margarie Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Florida, internecine squabbling in primary races, the pending SCOTUS hearing of Janus v. AFSCME and it’s potential outcome for both the First Amendment and the mid-term elections, the national news has spilled over on to social media and personal conversations and left me feeling that some unseen force is pulling ever more insistently at the fabric of our nation. I felt pretty sure that subversive element was Marxism, but to better understand that influence on our country, I decided a little research was in order. I started with The Naked Communist by former FBI agent, W. Cleon Skousen, who also authored The 5000 Year Leap. It biographs the lives of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels then follows the global advance of communism and its evolutions from bloody revolution to Cold War and on into a sneaky war of ideology in our country. I would absolutely rate it as a must-read and it is conveniently available on Audible.

To put Marxist ideology into dirt road context, I’m going to discuss it through two real-life small town scenarios that exhibit the innocuous ways Marxism is slipping into our culture without our even realizing it.

The first example is a local primary race for county judge. The incumbent is a lifetime resident rancher with a background in law enforcement running on his knowledge of the county and law enforcement experience. His primary opponent is a recent resident with a varied background and an interest in animal rescue and a proposed no-kill animal shelter.

“Good grief! What on earth could be Marxist in either of those candidates”, you are saying.

Individually, probably absolutely nothing, but let’s talk about property.

The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.

KARL MARX, The Communist Manifesto


I know- you are still scratching your head. How do you suppose Marx planned to divest the bourgeois of their property? By revolution of course! Yet, as Skousen reports, by the mid-twentieth century, the communist movement had experienced little success in violent overthrow of the property-holding bourgeoise in America. Peaceful take-over by political action seemed a more logical choice for a cultural revolution in the United States and countless organizations have popped up that hold significant financial means to wield a powerful political truncheon on the quiet behalf of communism.

By Sidney Joseph Greene
Originally published in The New York Evening Telegram 11/1/1919

One of these organizations is the Humane Society of the United States. Working hand-in-hand with other animal welfare groups, such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Center for Biological Diversity, the HSUS has slowly pulled lands from private ownership to public or NGO holdings. The mechanism is to funnel money and public support using feel-good projects like animal shelters into law suits. Suits typically involve wildlife welfare and are filed against the United States Fish and Wildlife Service under the Endangered Species Act.

This behavior is not random. It serves two functions. First, under the Equal Access to Justice Act, a party bringing successful suit against the U.S. government is entitled to have the cost of the suit remunerated to them by the government, thus animal welfare groups are able to keep attorneys on staff at no cost to the organization and keep a machine of constant litigation in motion. Secondly, the suits are “friendly” in nature because the outcome is to invariably bring more property under the control of government agencies and resistance to the suit is nominal. The consequences are that access to public land is diminished or private landowners are placed in untenable situations with greatly reduced land values where the Center for Biological Diversity or another pro-Marxist NGO can snatch it cheaply. Slowly private property is being consumed by the Marxist machine wrapped in the soft sheeps clothing of animal shelters.

This mechanism of moving from furry animals to land grabs is pretty well understood in western states where there is a large U.S. Fish and Wildlife presence and in areas where there are larger cattle ranches, but it is a little less familiar to rural counties with smaller properties like our county.

The moral? Be extremely cautious of projects promising a positive social change unless you can clearly link that project to Constitutional guidelines and be especially wary of feel-good projects like animal shelters where any objections to the entity’s behavior makes you an animal-hater and easily discredits you as a social pariah.

The second scenario involves a la carte ordering off the political menu. I recently debated with a school teacher, who was adamantly in support of total gun confiscation and a leftist political agenda all the while proclaiming his Christian faith and decrying broken families and parent’s disinterest in their children.

Let’s talk about religion; Marx’s “opium of the masses”. Marx’s dialectical materialism philosophy leaves no room for God, hypothesizing instead that religion is simply another way for the haves to keep the have-nots in check, therefore any morality associated with Judeo-Christian values is also a version of oppression and should be removed. The only moral struggle is the struggle against class oppression and thus anything done in that pursuit is moral.

Our Constitution is as well thought-out a document as Man has ever produced to preserve what our Declaration of Independence describes as “unalienable rights” given to Man by God.

Under our philosophy of government, you are absolutely free to think however you chose; however, to maintain that freedom, you have an obligation to examine its mechanisms in order to function as a logical member of a representative republic.

The poor teacher in question had absolutely no idea how deeply Marxism was driving his politics. The decline in parenting he sees in his schooling is well described in this article in The Federalist .

His view on guns was an emotional reaction to the Florida school shooting, and a reasonable reaction, if the concept of warring political doctrines is removed from the equation.

In reality, gun confiscation in America without bloodshed is a unicorn dream. What is possible, if you are thinking as a Marxist, is to cause such a hue and cry over the danger of guns that Americans willingly surrender them. The teacher has all the American freedom to promote and vote for just that hue and cry, and yet he is unaware that he is fighting the results of the same philosophy in his classroom and had no answer to what would protect his First Amendment rights to worship God were the Second Amendment removed.

The moral? You can feel any way you like, but in a representative republic, you can not vote la carte choosing bits and pieces from opposing philosophies. In the end, when all politics are boiled to their driest bones, the only question that remains is what you think of God and Man, the relationship between them, and whether each are inherently Good or Evil.

For those of us who live on dirt roads and want to maintain our rural American lifestyles, we should be ever-vigilant to not only the overt and obvious attacks on our Constitution, but also the subvert ones that we may ourselves be accidentally executing. I would advise my country neighbors to be bold in resisting furry, feel-good projects that may conceal a hidden red agenda.  Be confident that our generations of living with livestock has prepared us well to respond with compassion and vision to the needs of our animals and not be afraid to speak up against kind people with less experience in animal husbandry. We should  lead them rather than be led by fear of them.

Clearly  define your allegiances. Write them down. It will help you separate emotions from politics and get you off the a la carte menu.

These are mine in hierachial order:

The Constitution of the United States of America

Another day, I will explain the rationale for the order, but I wonder who can be the first commenter to correctly state why God and Freedom are co-equals in my hierarchy?

3 thoughts on “Guns, Dogs and Karl Marx

  1. Very small seemingly innocuous events in our daily lives can be very deceptive. From town hall meeting to gas station gathering of local citizens, often has a much broader implementation. To be actively involved in local affairs is a civil right excercised by involved citizens. The catch is to look closely at the organizers and their connections to organizations. My rule is if I don’t know them, haven’t heard of them, than I’m leerily. Personally I want to know where this person or persons went to school. That is my starting place because I feel our institutions have been slowly but surely invaded by Marxism. //You go girl. Well done.

    1. It’s quite frightening how many times we unwittingly embrace Marxism, or are afraid to confront it because it is wrapped in something so difficult to oppose as animal welfare…

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