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New Horizons and Bumps in the Road

I woke this morning with a throbbing headache. I was up until the wee hours of the morning wrestling with technology that is mostly beyond my grasp.
For months I have been designing Rural Redoubt more or less under cover. I have shared posts with only a few friends, sworn to secrecy, so that an under-construction blog site did not get views on the internet. Yesterday, Rural Redoubt debuted on Facebook. By mid-morning I had discovered a bug in the theme. By early afternoon I had the entire site upside down. Pretty much, it was the equivalent of inviting company over for a big dinner party and having the hot water heater explode during appetizers. Sigh…
I rubbed my eyes, rolled over and fumbled for my iPad to take stock of the current state of damage. My disgust deepened. What a mess. Then I remembered there was a bright spot in my blogging life-Short Round Photography!

Photo courtesy of Short Round Photography. Look for more of Janine’s work on future posts and check her out at

Being a barrel racer is like being a member of a large family of girls. They are constantly competing with each other, critiquing each other, squabbling and pecking at each other, but they are the first to step up when you need a hand. There is always someone there to hold a horse for you when you need it, help you change a trailer tire or send you photos for your crashing blog site.
Somewhere in the midst of pulling my hair out with widgets and menus, I received a message full of gorgeous photos from my barrel racing gal, Janine Watson at Short Round Photography and had pretty much forgotten them. Ta-Da! Silver lining in my cloud! I’ll get this mess lined out eventually. In the meantime I have some beautiful new photos to post.
So here is to bumps in the road on the way to new horizons and friends to help you over them!

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