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I Don’t Know Why You Are Confused…

Someone recently mentioned to me still being befuddled by why rural America voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. I rolled my eyes and chuckled, then considered the statement again with more seriousness. It is a valuable question. Valuable because if we are to avoid dissolving this nation into sovereign regions by political affiliation, or worse, erupting into a civil war, somehow we HAVE to find some way to consolidate our rural and urban views. For a rural American, the question has a laundry list of answers.

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1). Gravy
I have spent a great amount of time in remote conditions and could tell countless stories where firearms were a tool changing the balance in life-or-death situations ranging from wildlife threat to the lack of law enforcement in rural areas. Anything Donald Trump could possibly offer after defense of the Second Amendment was simply gravy (that means extra goodie on top of the substance, for readers who don’t understand Southern colloquialisms).
Given the balance of power in the Supreme Court and the potential advances against the Second Amendment, I would have gladly voted for a wild Texas boar hog if I felt the porcine in question would preserve our uninfringed Constitutional ability to defend hearth and home and endured any other unsavory policy choices that might accompany that vote for the next four years. The choice between Clinton and Trump on the topic of gun control could not have been more clear to rural women. Were I an incurious sort, I would have pursued the examination of presidential candidates no further than this single issue, cast a vote for Trump and gone on with my life.
It was a clear, single-issue choice. No. Strike that. It COULD have been a single-issue choice, except there were so many more factors weighing in Trump’s favor.

2). Jerry Springer and the 90’s

I’m old enough to remember when you couldn’t tell the difference between Jerry Springer’s salacious afternoon TV show and the news:
Hillary’s questionable cattle trades, Mena Arkansas, Troopergate, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Vince Foster, Whitewater, travelgate, Costco, Nukes and the Chinese, Waco and one Janet Reno fiasco after another, Monica Lewinski, the stolen White House china, sniper-fire lies just for the fun of lying, on and on it went through-out the ’90’s.

Later, I was not asleep during Benghazi and the ensuing questions about Middle Eastern gun-running through the Department of State, I didn’t miss the severity of Hillary’s criminal negligence with classified material, I didn’t miss right-hand-woman Huma Abadeen’s connections to a sexual deviant nor to the Muslim Brotherhood. I took in so many ugly facts and rumors about Clinton over the years, I lost track of some of them.

There IS one thing I missed…why in God’s Sweet Heaven did the Democratic Party think this rotten, corrupt hag with such a long and detailed resume of misdeeds and self-dealing was a viable presidential candidate? The choice indicates a complete disdain for the intelligence and integrity of the American populace.

3). The Republican Establishment
I am an American child of the Cold War. I was taught the Constitution of the United States of America in school and there is little political ideology I despise more than socialism; however, self-dealing, pseudo-conservative, establishment, Republican, American politicians run a very close second on my political shit-list. What an incredible gift to find a presidential candidate who was beholden neither to the Soros socialists in the Democratic Party nor to the spineless wonders of self-promotion on the right. I’d walk through burning coals to find such a man…

4). Buck up, Buttercup
I’m a powerful woman. I LIKE men more powerful than me. I will intimidate a thousand-pound bronc into submission with a dirty look, educate a child at the kitchen table, fix a leaking pipe, kill a rattlesnake and cook dinner in the course of an average day. The last thing I have any interest in is a pasty-white, beautifully coifed, skinny-jean-wearing she-male simpering and negotiating favor. Sycophancy revolts me. I expect national leadership just as I expect family leadership; from a testosterone-laden, success-driven male creature, and should that creature succumb to human fallibility or innate male in-opportunity, I have not the LEAST doubt or confidence in myself (or the American people) to correct him promptly and decisively. I am not frightened of strength-I DEMAND it. Trump was the first decisive male leadership I’ve seen cross a TV screen since John Wayne.

5). Make America Great…Again
The only question most rural citizens have about that statement is “How in the world has our leadership failed to KEEP America great in the first place?”

The solution is to weed out the failed leadership. That is no small job to be corrected with a check of a pencil in the voting booth. The failure has seeped in to the pores of American government. Judicial appointments, agency heads, staff, lobbyists and think tanks with too much pull…a daunting list of sated ticks slurping on tax payer’s blood. It seemed a pretty impossible task to rid the country of them. Then Donald J. Trump blustered on to the scene, a complete disrupter that everyone knew could say “You’re fired”.

6). A hundred years is a long time not to control a border…

Pancho Villa crossed the border in the year of ought sixteen
The people of Columbus still hear him riding through their dreams
He killed seventeen civilians you could hear the women scream
Blackjack Pershing on a dancing horse was waiting in the wings

-Tom Russell

I’ve lived most my life along the Texas border. It exists somewhere between a special blended culture and a bloodbath with the pendulum constantly swaying to and fro. When American politicians decide their best self-service is in erasing the rule of law along the border, those of us who have lived our lives here know they are peeling back the thin veil of civility and it will be our blood that will be shed on the other side of the curtain. Build the damn wall and return some sanity and balance to both sides before it is too late.
In truth, I don’t like the idea of a physical barrier, but I distrust the whims of our leadership so greatly that I think a physical barrier is more difficult to remove than the will of a politician who has already flirted with selling out American sovereignty. It isn’t the Mexican government it controls…it is American fickleness.

7). Globalism
All politics are local. The more remote the representation, the less caring and understanding it becomes. Private land ownership and maintenance of local governance and resource control is imperative. Rural America understands this. Trump understands this.

8). It’s the economy, Stupid

That was a Democratic slogan; how did the Dems forget this?

9). Media, Propaganda and Modern Communications
The media has become over-confident in its ability to sway opinions and consequentially power. In 280 characters or less, Trump has deftly swept that unconstitutional power away from the Fourth Estate. I wake up and turn on the TV first thing every morning just so I can chuckle at some pundit spluttering in rage at Trump’s most recent heavy-handed yanking of the bit through the media’s errant teeth and toast my morning coffee to @realDonalTrump.


What I don’t understand is how could intelligent Americans have so immersed themselves in echo chambers of socialistic identity politics that they now reject simple, pro-American, pro-Constitutional policies?

I would gladly have settled for a centrist Supreme Court nomination that would have bought us time to fight back this tide of socialism eroding our Constitution. Gorsuch exceeded my wildest dreams. This booming economy and exposure of the writhing swamp creature that is the Deep State is so far beyond gravy it seems surreal. Thomas Jefferson often alluded to the wisdom of farmers as a steadying force stabilizing the eclectic ideas of their urban brethren. Jefferson was right.

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