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“The Scarlet Letter” or “The Shamed Catahoula

Ruth Ann Mero never leaves the backyard without invitation, in spite of the fact she jumps the back gate with alacrity and ease. Or at least she thinks we think that. We do occasionally come home to find that she has sojourned abroad, but the instant she hears tires on the drive she beats a hasty retreat to the back gate, jumps in, rushes around the house to meet us at the front gate; a complete picture of innocence. We chuckle. Her tail wags.
Today we came home to find IMG_0885Miss Ruth on the front porch (our back yard decidedly does not encompass the front porch) with a cat food bag stuck over her head. She began to convulse in horror when she heard our return, eventually flinging off the evidence of her gluttony and fleeing post haste to the back gate and trying to compose her best innocent face as she rounded the corner to meet us at the front gate, where her pretense of innocence was greeted by disapproving looks. She is currently self-punishing by forgoing her comfy bed and laying at my feet on the cold, hard floor begging forgiveness. Sadly, I did not obtain videographic documentation of her misdeeds-because it was so freakin hilarious all I could do was watch and laugh and pray she wouldn’t fling herself into the pool thus requiring a frigid rescue.

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