Welcome to the Four Down Ranch, a small horse farm and home of Rural Redoubt, a publication for the preservation of rural American culture. 

I’m Carmen and I’m a Texan, bred, born, raised and deeply rooted in the Lone Star State.  I have traditional conservative views on politics and current events and love sharing the how and why of that rural perspective.

The underpinning of rural American life is private property, and I am adamantly and unapologetically opposed to any position or philosophy that prevents us from living freely on our land. Rural Redoubt is devoted to preserving property rights as well as to the culture of how we build and keep our homes, grow and cook our food, and live and enrich our lives on the lands we love in the dusty corners of Texas.

As urban sprawl eats up the countryside and urban thought spreads like wildfire through social media, time stands nearly still along Texas’ backroads. This publication serves as a final fortification to the frontier spirit and timeless, bucolic lifestyles of the American South; a rural redoubt.

I am blessed to share my life with my amazing husband, Jeff, and our teenage son, Quinten, on the outskirts of a tiny town on the Texas Coastal Plains. When we aren’t riding our own horses or working on the farm, we operate a farrier service specializing in ranch horses. We cobble the feet that feed beef to the world!

Join us as we explore life at the end of a dirt road!